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Feb 1, 2011
Vol IV, Issue I
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Classes & Services:

Audiobook Express, Levels I & II

A fast paced jump-start into the professional world of audiobook recording. Thes 2 technique classes work togethter to provide all the essential skills you'll need to compete in the audiobook market, with views on the documentary film scene as well. Level I lays the technical foundation and delivers tools for productivity.  Level II provides hours of practical tools & techniques in 3 on-mic personal coaching sessions.  Designed for those prepared for a highly concentrated learning experience.

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Accent Study Lab & Accent Workout

Facility with accents opens up a multitude of new work opportunities; not just in audiobooks, but in animation, video games, and documentatries (persons quoted). You'll also find increased audition opportunities in theater and film.  So, get prepared. Accent Lab grounds you in the foundations of our most used accents, helps you refine them, and offers a blueprint to further your study. With Accent lab you can learn it, use it, master it, all at your own pace. 

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Demo Production & Web Design

Ensure the quality of your strongest marketing tool. We guide and support the entire process of making your narration demo, from material selection to performance direction, and advise you on self-marketing. Recording/editing done in collaboration with John Marshall Sound, 2004 Grammy Award winner for Spoken Word. Budget options available.

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Reading Aloud for Fun or Profit

Storytelling: Its the world's oldest profession, despite that "other" one so talked of.  Whether to read to the blind, Parkinson's sufferers, children, lovers or seniors, the pleasure and satisfaction of reading aloud never ends.  Class is taughts by our select "Voxperts" dedicated to the art of reading aloud, with literally decades of experience with every genre. Come learn techniques that will make you more engaging, confident and versatile, for fun or for profit. It's a great gift to yourself.

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Feb 1, 2011
Volume IV,  Issue I
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