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Robin  Miles   
Golden Voice (Audiofile Magazine)
Audie Award Winner (narrating and directing)  
Winner of over 30 Earphones Awards
2014 Voice of Choice (ALA)
"A Voice that never disappoints."
--Audiofile Magazine--
"Robin Miles is one of those great narrators who becomes the book so that you don't notice her at all because she is the characters, she is the story."
--Audible.com listener--
Stand Outs...

An Untamed State, by Roxane Gay (Audible.com)
I believe this is my most open and raw performance to date. The trauma of rape and its aftermath are the connective tissue of this remarkably honest and raw story.  But the layers that unfold around it and beneath it explore what it really means to be a family; how it can be found in seemingly unlikely places, yet missing in the most obvious ones.
<A favorite of the amazing Jennifer Conner @Lithousewife APA 2015 Audiobook blogger of the Year>
Midnight Robber, by Nalo Hopkinson (Audible.com)
2013 Earphones Award Winner
<I'm too speechless...this one made the Gaiman List http://www.harpercollins.com/thelist/neilgaiman >
The Warmth of Other Suns, by Isabelle Wilkerson
Non-fiction/Historical (Brilliance Audio)
2012 Best Audiobooks of the Year
2012 Best Voices of the Year
The Galaxy Game, by Karen Lord SciFi (Audible Studios)
John Crow's Devil, by Marlon James
TBA Fiction (Recorded Books)


The Xenowealth Series, by Tobias Buckell (Audible.com)
The Freedom Maze, by Delia Sherman
YA.Fantasy (Random House)
2013 Audie Finalist

Recently Released...

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Wake of Vultures, by Lila Bowen
YA Fantasy (Hachette Audio)
This story has Lonesome Dove grit, classic horror chills and a coming of age heroine worthy of 2016. Identity is a central theme with everything (gender, species, culture, race) up for grabs because you can't able sure of anyone with vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, and more than a few randy cowpokes around. This was right up my alley: playing so many characters whose backstory begins hidden, then their mask of cool cracks so you can see their heart. I hope you find I did it justice.
The Fifth Season, by N.K. Jemison (SCiFi/Hachette Audio)
This story whispers in your ear, shouts at you from a distance, and walks the tightrope of the emotional in-between as well.  So, that's where I went with it: from the edgy to the fearful to the vulnerable, with intimate 2nd person pov sections that sink into the deepest personal thoughts and feelings. Nora has penned a mesmerizing piece of speculative fiction, knotting the political and the individual with the geography of survival. And hooray it's only Book 1...there's more to come. 
<"When sublime talents are amplified by pairing: dynamic @rmilesvox reading brilliant @nkjemison captifying @thefifthseason on @audible.com.>
The Book of Phoenix, by Nnedi Okorafor Fantasy (Audible Studios)
This story resonates backward and forward in time, with a warning of what could come, but reassurance that simplicity could hold the key to our way back. It is so satisfying to play a character that, despite great bitterness, keeps rising from the ashes, keeps discovering new potentialities for herself. 
Locke & Key, by Joe Hill
Horror/AudioComic (Audible)
The Starling Project, by Jeffrey Deaver
 Audio Drama (Audible)
2015 Earphones Award Winner


The Star Side of Bird Hill, by Naomi Jackson
YA (Recorded Books)
2015 Earphones Award Winner
Mr. and Mrs. Doctor, by Julie Iromuanya
Mainstream (Audible.co)
2016 PEN Literary Awards Shortlist

Robin Miles
Audiobook narrator, Producer, Director, Casting Consultant