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Research -- Pronunciations & Definitions:

The ABC Book, A Pronunciation Guide


Area Guides (call a local business to ask for a pronunciation)

Bartleby's (Dictionary of Cutural Literacy--Idioms)

Cool Dictionary, sound files and all


Double Tongued/slang, jargon, new word lexicon

Inogolo/Pronunciation guide to people, places and stuff

International Dialects of English Archives

MediLexicon Medical dictionary

Merck Medical Manuals

Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

Name Pronunciations by Country/Culture

Phonetics Breakdown for many languages

Pronunciation Guide to Plants

Say How? A Pronunciation Guide to Names of Public Figures

Slang Dictionary (Berkeley College)

Slang Dictionary/ Unwords

UK Voice Samples/BBC

UK Dialect Samples/British Library

Urban Dictionary/Slang

U.S. Accent Variations/Library of Congress

U.S. Accent Variations

VASTA Speech and Accent Resources

VOA Pronunciation Guide

Wikipedia, Free Encyclopedia

Wine Pronunciation Guide

Wine(Greek)Pronunciation Guide

WordSpy/guide to new words, slang

World FactBook (CIA Publication)


Actor's Unions:



Narrator Resources:

Audiobook Publishers Assoc.

New York Public Library

Audiofile Magazine (reviews, Industry Reference Guide)

Audio Column Reviews


Recording for the Blind & Dislexic

Misc. Links:

Seeqpod.com Playable Search

Common Medications and their Effects on the Voice