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Make a great demo and book the jobs

Your demo should work for you on several levels:

  • Leave a memorable sonic footprint of you're right for;
  • Help casting people know your vocal age and type range;
  • Demonstrate that you can nail common structural parts of a book (1st & 3rd person pov, scene setting, rising action/climax, dialogue, gendered voices, internal/external action, multi-character scenes);
  • Hear your best accents (if you do them very well);
  • Reassure casting people that you have no technical impediments (lisp, nasality, mushy articulation, etc.);
  • Showcase the sound quality of your home studio. 

Demo Express
Material Selection: Together we look for material that best suits you and shows off your strengths.
Coaching: In private Skype or in-person sessions we refine your performance, adjusting pacing, word stress, tone and releasing the emotional content of the characters and overall material.
Recording direction: Recording day is a shared experience for up to 4 narrators who support and act as audience for the others (listener buddies).  (This method I have found to bring out the best results every time.) As pilot for the recording session, I secure the engineer and studio time, warm you up, oversee the recording, and guide the editing process.
Note: Demo Production costs hinge in part on your preparedness: you can greatly reduce them by being ready for coachings and recording.  Extra editing to correct excessive reading errors, mouth noises, etc. will naturally increase costs.