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Early registration is advised. Please Note: Full payment is due with registration. 

Voxpertise Mail-In Registration
Contact Info
Street Address:
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Home Phone:
Work/Mobile Phone:

Check or circle desired class;
write in desired date
from schedule.
Audiobook Express Level I ($250)
AE I ($200) $50"Bring a Buddy" discount subtracted
Accent Study Lab ($45)
Basic Demo in-Studio ($525)
Audiobook Express Level II ($425)
AE II ($375) $50"Bring a Buddy" discount subtracted
AE II Audit Option ($150)
Accent Lab Workout ($35)
Basic Demo, in-room ($325)
Private Coaching Session ($95)
Private Coaching Session ($85) $10 AE Veteran discount subtracted
Coaching 5 Pack ($425)
Coaching 5 Pack ($375) $50 AE Veteran discount subtracted
Read Aloud for Fun or Profit ($75)

Background & Training
Summarize any acting training, applicable skills and experience that apply or attach resume.

Person to notify in case of emergency
Name / Phone #:

Policies and Signature
I understand that full payment must clear before start of class with no refunds given after the start of class; make-ups permitted as scheduling permits.
Name (printed):



Voxpertise must receive full payment at the time of registration to secure your enrollment. Please remember that checks must clear prior to the start of class; please mail at least 10 days before start of class or drop off at John Marshall Sound.
100% refund for cancellation will be given only if your seat can be filled for that class. Otherwise, 50% refund will be given up to 7 days before start of workshop. No refunds are permitted thereafter.  Every effort will be made to accomodate missed classes; scheduling will occur as our enrollment permits.  No refunds on coaching packages, but unused time can be "rolled over" into any other class or coaching offered.

Mail completed form + payment to:  Robin Miles, Dir.
Voxpertise, Inc.
PO Box 3386 Manhattanville Station
New York, NY 10027
Checks payable to Voxpertise, Inc.
Forms & payment must be received before the start of class. 
Please allow ample time for snail-mail.
For assistance with or questions about the online registration & payment processes, contact c.pierno@voxpertise.com , rmiles@voxpertise.com or call 212 802-4590 and someone will return your call.